Our cloackroom provides a variety of military and police uniforms, as well as equipment for the production of theatrical plays, films, TV shows, advertisements and other activities at low prices.

Some of our work is presented below:

Ι4: Λούφα & Απαλλαγή (Greek film)

Ι4: Λούφα & Απαλλαγή

Ιφιγένεια εν Αυλίδι (Greek play)

Αλ Τσαντίρι news (Greek TV)

LAPD (Greek TV)

Νήσος (Greek film)

Θανάσιμες πεθερές (Greek TV)

Ματωμένα χώματα (Greek TV)

Κάτω παρτάλι (Greek TV)

Δικαίωση (Greek TV)

MAD Music Awards (Greek TV)

Διαφήμιση Anytime Online (Advertisement)

Μάνα X ουρανού (Greek TV)

Με το δεξί (Greek TV)